Panchkula, Haryana, India

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  • Perfumes
  • Cosmetics
  • Herbal
  • Nutraceutical
  • Pharmaceutical

Please read through our proposal as an experienced export house looking to expand our presence into your market and as such we are looking for strong local players with apt exposure worldwide. We are thus in a position earlier on to be offering exclusive territorial distribution rights on a first come first serve basis. Please be advised that it’s an honest opportunity for generating genuine ties with India as our business base is very strong with a very well connected network of old business families and large corporate houses. We have tie ups with world class manufacturing facilities for the above mentioned lines and more range can be added upon request as we are committed to mutual growth.
You may simply start by selecting any given product in demand in your area and let us know MOQs needed thereby for us to undertake the said sourcing, manufacturing, branding and long term supply to you for the same. Further to that, you get to decide the price points and margins, and by simply putting in a purchase order with partial advance to cover the initial costs, we vouch to supply the best quality at the earliest with the remainder of the payment undertaken as a Letter of Credit from an international bank operating in your vicinity. This is a time tested method for trouble free international trade that is failsafe for all parties concerned as all the said paperwork is legally binding and through legitimate banking channels.
FYI, international trade is most favourable from India as the cost of labour is low and the cost of operations among the lowest in the world, so it makes sense to procure from a business house like ours as we are good with our word and stand by our commitment. This introductory communication shall perhaps open new avenues for you. Kindly ascertain whether you can undertake sales and marketing for such allied lines of business thereby adding extra range on offer for your already existing network and maybe even get new clients as variety begets more sales hence more profit. This time tested method is surely already being adopted by you as the long term gain is imminent even if you start planning now. This could perhaps be the chance you were looking for.
We stand firmly in supporting you and your cause, and we see all our business associates as extended family, so we will go the extra step in taking care of any worries or concerns you may have so far so as to start you off on the right footing for this venture to succeed. You may ask anyone you know in India about the name and reputation of the RADICURA family of Delhi. All the business circles know us from decades ago. My father Sh. Vinod Kumar Jain was the founder member past president of Okhla Industries Association covering more than 5000 factories of now and constantly growing. Unlike many export houses, we do have the vast scope we so claim to consistently possess. We’re hereby hoping for a favourable first interaction with your esteemed self at the earliest so we can commence business as soon as it is convenient for you.